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We are not just a funeral home and cemetery. We are a gathering place for a community.

Welcome to a place to Celebrate Life and Honor every memory

Planning ahead can make all the difference to your family.

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Life Celebrate

Welcome to a place to celebrate life and honor every memory.

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Funerals & Obituaries Find a loved one.


Funerals & Obituaries

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Cemetery Services Find all the info you need.


Grandview Cemetery Services

Find all the info you need.

We consider our grounds to be a beautiful place to celebrate life. Whether you’re attending a service or visiting a memorial, we welcome you.

Here you can search plot locations, see maps of our grounds, read up on common cemetery questions, and more.

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Planning Matters

Whether you’re acting in the moment or planning ahead, we’re here to guide you.

Pre-planning lets your loved ones focus on honoring life instead of hashing out details. Learn the choices you can make now, so a future funeral becomes more of a celebration than a burden.

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Send comfort. Show care. Wherever you are, any time at all.

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